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Glenda Matheson

Louise R. Johnson Middle School8

Bradenton, FL | Manatee County


October 14, 2014

We have attended Johnson Middle School for 2 years. The administration is kind and open to parent and student suggestions. The teachers are very passionate and consistently respond to parent questions or concerns via email or phone. Students are challenged to learn and mature using various methods of assessing. Some of these include short projects, presentations, videos/slide shows and writing papers not only rote memorization with pen and paper tests that often have little carry-over to the real world. This allows children to learn in a variety of methods, allowing for a greater chance of success and for more child centered learning. When social issues with students arise, they are addressed rapidly and proactively. There are also excellent Odyssey of the Mind and TSA programs, with athletic teams, including soccer, cross country, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse. We have been very happy with all aspects of this school.

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September 9, 2014

This is an IB school which means it is an International Baccalaureate School. It is a program that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. It encourages intellectual challenge and to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and to the real world. I have been extremely happy with the leadership,the staff and parent involvement that we have at Johnson. My children are also very happy with the school. They like the teachers, find their classes interesting and enjoy the projects they are assigned.

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June 8, 2014

After the 2013-14 school year, I can say that the administration needs a shake up. The discipline staff is more concerned about kids having their agendas (Planner,etc.) than about bullying. The school has huge cliches. About half the kids are A, B students, and half get Ds, and Fs. Referrals get given for horseplaying, but bullying is trivial to them. I thought that the new administration would make this school better, but it did nothing but make it worse. That said, some of the teachers are really good, but a lot of the good ones are leaving. It is sad, because there are a lot of good kids, but the school is indifferent to its problems.

November 17, 2013

I'm currently an 8th grader at Johnson and I'd like to say that our school does have a reputation for being less than desirable, but this has changed over the past 3 years as IB was introduced to the school I find that I'm leading a great deal about how life actually works and I'm not just memorizing useless facts for a test. Johnson also provides several programs that are extremely enjoyable such as sports ranging from soccer to cross country, as for clubs we have several such as Math Counts(a orginzation that tries to help other in worse situation than theirs with math and also competes in tournaments),T.S.A (a club that is based around technology students compete in district,state and possibly national events with projects that can range from Co2 powered cars to robotics and even debate on technical issues) there is also O.M (which is a competition that involves creativity to solve problems and also has theatrical proformances to show case theses inventions). Johnson is the school I like to call home and I encourage you to enroll in one of the best schools I have ever attended

November 14, 2013

This school is terrible! The "so called" IB program is a joke! They lack leadership and need to just close down! They gave the IB titile because they were an F school so they were trying to clean it out and get in some good kids! They have fights all he time and it is in an unsafe neighborhood where police are constantly on campus because of the issues in the surronding neighborhood! after one month I took my kids out! The teachers are the ones that no will hire any where else, so there only choice in this one! Kids are "given" there grades. As you can tell by the "D" rating the school is! When it's time for testing they know nothing! Please do your reasearch on this school just because they have a "IB" title that means nothing! The high school they want all the kids to go to is Southeast whitch lost it's luster years ago!

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April 17, 2013

The school has a bullying problem. They did eventually handle it in my case, but it took a lot of parental involvement. The classes are not really that hard, with one huge exception... math. Mr. Thompson has one of the best math classes I have ever been in.

January 26, 2011

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program here is awesome !!! Staff is great and attentive. Educational "atmosphere" is above average Teachers actually COMMUNICATE with the parents !! This is a fine school. More parents need to show up at the monthly PTA meetings.....

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January 2, 2011

As a parent of a 6th grader, we have had a wonderful transition from Elem to Middle School. We feel the administration has an open door policy and the teachers are fully committed to the students providing a safe learning environment. We have been impressed with the teachers going above and beyond for the students, as well as the students being so willing to volunteer at open house nights and other events. (What child wants to be at school when they don't have to be?) We have lived in Manatee County our entire lives and every school has a reputation, so we were skeptical--Middle school is a scary thing to parents. We researched JMS by attending the open houses, SAC/PTO meetings, and meeting with the principals and the overwhelming sense of pride and enthusiasm about the IB education from the staff and students calmed our middle school fears and we are very happy with our decision. Soaring to the top!

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December 7, 2010

My child is in 6th grade at Johnson Middle School. I have been extremely impressed with the IB Programme. The teachers and staff are wonderful, they are all willing to go that extra mile for the kids. This school offers so many extras and activities that are not offered in our zoned school. I am very glad we took a chance on Johnson!

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November 23, 2010

Louise R Johnson Middle School of International Studies in now 100% school choice and a "B". We are the only middle school in Manatee County that has the International Baccalaureate Programme (MYP). Wakeland Elementary and Southeast High School are our sister schools. The teachers incorporate the 21st Century Learner Profiles into our curriculum. Spanish, French, and Chinese are offered beginning in the 6th grade. We also offer inquiry-based, hands-on learning beyond the classroom. Our teachers go above and beyond for our students.

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October 13, 2010

Louise R Johnson Middle School is awesome. The teachers and administration do a wonderful job to instill characteristics and leadership skills in the students. My daughter is thriving this year and it is mostly due to the school. She loves her school and everything that she is learning there

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September 27, 2010

My daughter started at LRJMS this August. She is in the 6th grade. I cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the administration at this school. They are awesome. My daughter has never received more than 1 A on her report card. On her first progress report she received 6 A's and 1 B. The staff is great and take the time to ensure the students understand what is expected. The previous comments regarding lack of supervision and poor comments have not be experienced by my daughter or myself. I would recommend this middle school over any other in the district. You get what you put into the school. As a parent, you must be involved in the school and your childs education.

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December 4, 2009

As a parent of a former elementary IB student who has chosen to enroll their 6th grader in the IB program at Johnson MIddle, I personally am quite please with opportunity my child has been given to excel in their classes. As a parent of a former Wakeland student, I am aware of the students who chose to continue their IB studies. All of the true IB elementary students are still currently participating in this program at the middle school level. The school personnel takes time to understand and work with each student individually. I'm am pleased with the education that my child is receiving at Johnson Middle, and I would recommend this school.

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November 20, 2009

this school is a total disappointment. We were totally looking forward to our child starting middle school in their IB program. After our son completed IB for elementary we were looking foward to a nice experience. The school is unsafe, lacks supervision and the vice principals makes totally irresponsible comments to children. There is no confidentiality and the school is totally misrun. My children have attended several schools over the yrs due to relocations and this is by far the worst experience ever. My child has transferred out of this school. It is ashame because the IB program is a great program just at a subpar school with poor leadership

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June 5, 2009

Im a student at this school. And i htink this school is awsome and peally helps you learn to get along with people you wouldnt normally get along with. The teachers are great. And the kids are so funny,nice, and lots of other things. But not mean. L.R.J.M.S will always stand above the rest. Go eagles!!!!!

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