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Glenda Matheson

Braden River High School7

Bradenton, FL | Manatee County


November 18, 2014

BRHS has the WORST admin staff I have ever delt with! They claim to be the BEST in Manatee County but that is far from the truth. I called my daughters guidance councelor regarding a teacher and you know what his response was? I'm sorry maam there is nothing I can do. This teacher who clearly was an older washed up teacher. His idea of teaching was using a work book. Never gave out notes and never used the math text book provided to the children. I ask myself over and over how these kids are expected to learn anything using this method. Because of their ignorance and lack of guidance my daughter suffered a low grade the first half of the school year. They are so worried about what the kids are wearing to school or wheather they have a cell phone taking pictures, sending text messages or walking on their grass! And this is only one of the sorry examples of this so called A rated school. Do yourself a favor and do your research before you send your child to this sorry excuse of a school. You will be sorry & dealing with pure ignorance because they don't care about the acedemics.

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June 15, 2014

Braden River High School is possibly the worst school to attend. BRHS' policy on bullying is nothing like they claim it to be. Their method is pretty much telling the victim that it's their problem. My oldest daughter had both students and TEACHERS verbally harass her, one of which threw a marker at her face in the middle of class, and another teacher told her that "she wasn't worth teaching because she was so far behind and would be better off leaving" She was even followed home by students who threatened and said discriminating slurs to her; and when such things were reported; the school did nothing to solve the problem. When I called and asked for information about home-schooling or the LIFE program, the school refused to give me any of it, and would not answer my phone calls. My daughter eventually had to drop out of school, just to avoid the harassment from teachers and students that was going on unresolved. The school has such a problem giving out information for alternate schooling, but had no problem with getting rid of students completely. In my personal opinion, all of brhs' administration needs to be fired and replaced with people who know what theyre doing.

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May 6, 2014

We moved to Florida in 2013 from a small Midwest town. We love this school it keeps patents informed on everything going on with its students. The classes and activities offers our kids everything they need to get a great education!

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January 19, 2014

I choiced both of my kids. Excellent school, excellent teachers, solid rules. You can tell the parents (unhappy) because they were unable to manipulate the system in child's favor. Another beautiful thing: rules are in place so the atmosphere is for learning. Dress code is district-not school-and requires students to dress for the business of learning. Dress like you are clubbing and you'll be sent home as to not be a distraction to those there to learn. Both of my kids succeeded. Both are doing well university. Thanks BRHS. HIGHLY recommend!

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October 8, 2013

This is an awesome school. My daughter is a freshman there and I am very happy with the level and quality of instruction. There is 100% commitment from all faculty and staff to support the administration of the school. I can't imagine being at another high school.

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August 15, 2013

Being a mom of four, Braden River is the WORST school any of my children have attended. My daughter has been mistreated and misguided. Being new to this school, she had no help or guidance from anyone. They assumed she knew everything, and never tried to help her understand all of the new things this district offers. She was treated as if she were invisible by administration, staff, and students. I don't understand how the last school district my family and i were apart of handled things so well and this one could not get any worse. Also I have not seen rules like these since my children were in elementary school. The dress code is obnoxious, my daughter is not even allowed to hug her boyfriend, and they can't even walk on the grass.. I am sorry but they seem a little crazy to me. I begged my daughter to transfer somewhere else but she was afraid to start all over again somewhere else since it was so hard the first time. She went from an A/Honor student, to not even wanting to be in any accelerated classes. This school has definitely changed her negatively. Even though they try claim that this school great, I believe it is sloppy, poorly put together, and overall a terrible school.

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May 16, 2013

They have good teachers and good academic structure. I have had a great time at Braden River in my freshman year.

Submitted by a student

January 16, 2012

In my opinion, kids should not be allowed to write reviews about schools. By reading the two reviews below I have gathered that this school sets rules and sticks to them and also has bullies.... thank you for your in depth review kids. The third one down says it was written by a parent but was obviously written by a child. For someone who has a daughter that carries a 4.0 and is a member of the National Honor Society you seem to have a lot trouble spelling words and forming coherent sentences. Sorry for the rant but I'm actually on here to find the best school for my daughter not read spoiled little kids complain about school. For anyone actually interested, I've done a good amount of research about the schools in this area and BRHS and LRHS rank 1 and 2 in the district (based on actual facts not opinions). LRHS grades out a bit better but not by much.

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June 5, 2011

I was honestly excited to go to brhs until i found out that the architecture is just like one of a concentration camp . Not only is it a concentration camp but the faculty there is just ridiculous . They never hear out the students because they think there superior and right about everything . Some teachers there are quite decent though and they deserve a better school than brhs i dont understand why some people think brhs is such a high ranking high school . In my opinion brhs is a low ranking highschool that deserves better staff . The thing that gets to me the most is the strictness of the school . I understand that some schools set boundaries for themselves but brhs takes it to another level its overboard and not just . I almost sent home for eating ice cream on the courtyard and like one of the reviews i saw if your in sports you wont get in trouble so if you plan on going to brhs join sports so you can never get in trouble .

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December 10, 2010

As a student here I can tell everone honestly, If a person happens to have some athletic connection to the school, then they are not punished at all by the disiplinarian staff, within the last year I have seen my friends be bullied and hurt by people that have the liberty to do so, and when we stand up for ourselves and get hurt in the process, we are expeled and justified by the idiotic reasoning that "We were asking for it."

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August 26, 2010

I AM VERY DISAPOINTED in Braden River. My family relocated to Bradenton from Maryland this summer. We choose our community based on the good things I had heard about Braden River. My 11th grade daughter is a 4.0/NHS student is has excelled in entire acedmic life. We went to the open house orientation which was a waste of my 2 hours, they had out schedules on the FIRST day of schoo- so why go to tour a campus when you aren't able to even know what classrooms to look for? I demand respect from my children but feel the teachers/admin at this school feel the only way they can gain respect is to act like our children are in boot camp. The rules are above and beyond what they need to be. The dress code is appalling as are most of the "rules". It's upsetting my daughter now hates school.

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October 15, 2009

Um Braden River is OK. Its not all that. The rules are kinda strict. But its like everyother high school.(you have to be a student to understand) This is my second yr at the River(sophomore) And i noticed one really good thing. Braden River Gives you every possible chance to succseed. from Tutours to college fairs. And if you dont go to college you cant blame braden river all you can blame is yourself. Thats one thing i loke about Braden River. You are given a chance to become something. HII MRS.SHAEPPACCER(COOLEST TEACHER EVER)

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March 31, 2009

Both my kids attend this school, and so far I have seen nothing but good things come from the staff. It's not a perfect school, and I'd like to see more extra curricular activities offered, but my kids do well there and have never had any problems. I'd definitely recommend this school to other parents.

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December 2, 2008

This is our daughters first year at BRHS. She has moved 11 times in 15 years, we are an ARMY family, and have seen our share of schools. I would have to say this is truly one of the best schools she has attended. BRHS keeps us well informed. The teachers are wonderful, and communicate with us. I do not worry about my daughters safety when she leaves my sight. I know she is in very good hands. Keep up the good work!

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October 5, 2008

I LOVE BRHS. From the administration to the cafeteria staff they are all top notch. As far as stepping on the grass, you do not get suspended for it. You are given a detention and it takes care of the small things so there are not many big things. My kids are safe there, they learn at BRHS, and we are always aware of any happenings at the school. BRHS is an A school becasue of it's commitment to our kids.

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